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Our competitive advatange

Colonova is a contract research organization that provides oral formulation development for pharmaceutical companies working in the field of inflammatory bowel diseases who need a partner for reliable, proofed and customized oral drug delivery. Unlike other technologies that suffer from premature or incomplete release, Colonova’s technology platform has been clinically validated and is broadly applicable, for small molecules or biological drugs such as peptides and proteins.

Colon-targeted delivery systems

Oral delivery of substances to the ileocolonic region in the gastrointestinal tract is challenging. Local treatment of the colon is required for treating several diseases, including inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, which affect various parts of the GI tract, mostly affecting the ileum and the ascending colon. 

The ascending colon has some advantages compared to other parts of the distal colon. The relative acidic pH that hinders proteolytic activity and the lower bacterial content on top other advantages the colon has such as the long residence time. These advantages make the ascending colon a favourable site of absorption, especially for protein and peptide drugs.

Advantages of the ColoPulse technology


Improved efficacy


Low dosage


Broad applicability